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6-course menu and pairing included from the François Lurton vineyard and other Santiago Wine Club vineyards


François Lurton Vineyard

After a long search in various Chilean regions, François Lurton implanted his vineyards in a virgin terroir, with poor soil, a healthy and balanced climate:lolol valley. Here he created his first winery, becoming a pioneer in this valley. Taking advantage of its experience, gained from all over the world, and a respectful viticulture with the environment (biodynamics), Lurton produces some extraordinary wines here.


The choice of this place has proven to be a success thanks to its climatic conditions and terroir, with granite soils. The wines produced here have a unique personality.

At present, François Lurton continues to explore different possibilities, especially carrying out plantations at height with varieties that require cooler climates, such as Sauvignon or even Pinot Noir. The objective is to produce authentic and original race wines.




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